Wednesday, November 12, 2014

OLH-360 update I

A quick status update on the FPV 250 Style octocopter I'm currently building.

This mini octocopter called OLH-360 will have a low hung cage that is connected to the frame by anti vibration rubbers. This low hung cage will house all electronics, except the motor power circuit. (BAT, ESC, PDB)

All Power hungry electronics are mounted on top of the octocopter.
PDB (power distribution board) mounted on top in the center of the frame. Battery will be mounted on top of this PDB. ESC en motors will also be mounted on top of the arm. This will maximize the distance between the FC boards magnetometer and the EMF caused by high currents (MOTOR/ESC/BATT).

Weight is building up. When I would use 15gr brushless outrunners with 6a ESC and a 3000mAh 3cell Lipo I'll end up at 950-1000grams AUW. Depending on the performance of the motor I would get a trust to weight ratio somewhere between 2:1 and 2.5:1.

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