Sunday, November 02, 2014

FPV 250 style OCTO-Copter (3D PRINT)

Something else now.

My next project is a small OCTO copter. Why? Because I would like to have a multirotor that is able to continue flight when one engine fails.

For this purpose I already had started my Y6 project. But I did not really like the way a Y6 flies. A Y6 is pitch sensitive when you change yaw. A second factor is the efficiency loss on the bottom motor/prop. A the last factor to discontinue my Y6 project was the size of it. I found it to be to large to fly in my backyard.

So a new project is born. This is HK FPV 250 style OCTO-Copter. This octo frame is 3D printed with PLA and weighs only 135 grams. Motor to motor distance is 36cm.

To goal is to mount the HK FPV 250 low hung kit on this frame with all electronics inside. Depending on the weight I will then choose a motor/esc/battery combination. Maximum prop size on this frame is 5 inch.

I'll call it the OLH 360 (octo low hung - 360 mm)

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