Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Low hung clean and dirty kit

The HobbyKing "low hung clean and dirty kit" is created to reduce vibrations on fpv camera. This frame divides the quad in 2 parts. An upper deck that is dirty (vibrations) and a lower deck that is clean (no vibrations).

It is still the same setup. Same unbalenced props and motors. All power equipment (motors, esc, power distributor, battery) are mounted upper deck in the dirty part of this frame. The Flight controller bluetooth and receiver are mounted lower deck on the clean part. For this benchmark I don't mount any FPV gear yet.

As you can see the results are really good. ACC an GYRO values (graph) are flat. This means that the clean kit is really clean and has no vibration issues. This should improve image quality or remove jello effect on a FPV cam. Even the MAG values are now a flat line. This is the result of mounting the flight controller lower deck. This makes the distance between the magnemoter and motors/esc larger and thus reducing the interference caused by EMF (high current).

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