Monday, August 25, 2014

DIY Solution for vibration reduction

In my first quadcopter project I already introduced some cheap and easy to build motor mounts that reduce vibration almost completely.

Downside of these motors mounts is the fact that they add 95 grams of weight to my little quad. But it really kills the vibration and the quad is flying super smooth. No shaking, no aggressive corrections, no wobble.

These motor mounts can also be made carbon fiber sheets. That will reduce the weight. With 1.5mm carbon fiber it will weigh around 45 grams (set of 4)

It is the same setup as my previous blogpost. With same motors and the same props, nothing changed. Only added the vibration reduction motor mounts. (motors and props are still unbalanced)

As you can see the ACC and GYRO values (graph) is almost completely flat. The vibration reduction motor mounts do their job. This should have a positive effect on image quality when I would mount an FPV camera. But there is just not enough room on this frame to mount all that equipment (cam&tx)

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