Thursday, April 30, 2015

OLH-360 maiden flight

The OLH-360 is ready!

Today I tested the 3D printed mini octocopter in my garage due to the bad weather outside.

Default APM pid settings are much to high for this octo. It caused my copter to flip at lift off. So I set the APM pid settings to LOW and did my first flight with these extreme low pid settings. Next step is to increase PID values slowly to find the best settings.

At lift off the copter start wobbling when still on the ground, when in air the wobble is gone. This is due to the fact that my current landing skid is just to flexible and to small. The gap between the electronics housing and ground is only 2 mm.

I Also need to configure some OSD settings because the OSD is displaying unwanted warnings.

So this project is not finished yet. Still some work to do:
 - pid tunning.
 - osd and other flight related configurations.
 - change landing skid.

1 comment:

  1. Hi there its looking good did you get any further improvements also whats the airtime
    Looking to build one to do long range
    Regards harry